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No moving parts, making them resistant to freezing, jamming or deteriorating.

Add a variety of attachments.

Be Game Ready! 
Fox 40 Pealess Whistles combined
with other essential sport tools.


Protection. Comfort. Safety. 
Be game ready with Fox 40's
innovative Protective Equipment.

For Coaches, Instructors and Athletic Directors. 3D and 2D playing surfaces, representative of real-world experience.

Be Seen. Be Heard. Be Safe.
Having the right equipment with you can save your life!

Ron with Book Fox40World_edited.png

In The 40 Ways of the Fox, Ron Foxcroft lights the way for business veterans and new entrepreneurs alike.


Premium and durable, non-adhesive custom grips, providing you with longer-lasting performance.

Protection. Comfort. Durability. In sports, your mouthguard is one of themost important pieces of equipment.

Logo branded imprinting on our whistles, mouthguards, and many other products upon special request.

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