Over thirty years ago the Fox 40 International Inc. team developed the best whistle in the world.


Fox 40 developed an innovative and reliable product that revolutionized the requirements of the whistle and changed the industry forever. Over the past quarter of a century, Fox 40 International Inc. has continued to innovate and revolutionize the industry with their product offerings and through their corporate objective; Fox 40 shall continuously improve to meet or exceed our customers’ expectations on time, every time. Fox 40 International Inc. is proud of the Fox 40 brand, their symbol of hard work, passion, commitment, vision, innovation and excellence.​

Fox 40 has successfully built its premium brand based on quality and innovation. Unfortunately, that success attracts a growing number of counterfeiters who offer fake Fox 40 products. They often illegally use the Fox 40 name, logo, trademark or image in an attempt to mislead the consumer into thinking they are purchasing authentic Fox 40 Products. We continue to work hard to stop these activities. Our most effective weapon, however, is to arm you with information that will help avoid these counterfeit products.

Here are some helpful guidelines to avoid counterfeit products:

  • Purchase Fox 40 Products from authorized Fox 40 retailers. Also keep in mind that if a price seems too good to be true, it probably is. 

  • Be wary; counterfeit products always have differences in quality of manufacturing and performance.

  • When in doubt, be sure to physically inspect the offered product and compare it to a genuine Fox 40 product. There are typically significant or subtle differences in packaging, shape, color, markings, finish and/or various insignia.

  • Be particularly careful when buying online. Internet sites that fail to provide reasonable contact information or ship from a faraway location likely take advantage of domain proxy services to hide their identity or list fake addresses and telephone numbers in their ABOUT US data.

Please contact Fox 40 if you have any questions concerning the authenticity of product you have purchased. If you purchased what you later determine to be a counterfeit Fox 40 product, your options include reporting the seller to the appropriate authorities and registering a complaint. Reporting the seller to us will assist us so we can investigate further.


Please Report Counterfeits to Fox 40 at anti-counterfeiting@fox40world.com


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