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Ron Foxcroft
Founder & C.E.O., Fox 40 International Inc.


Ron Foxcroft developed the Best Whistle in the World and founded a company built on Innovation.


Ron has been featured in the New York Times, CBC and ESPN. He has had an audience with the Queen at Buckingham Palace and named Citizen of the Year for Hamilton and Burlington Ontario. In 2019, Ron was appointed to one of Canada’s highest honours, THE ORDER OF CANADA. He has received honourary degrees from major colleges and universities and been inducted in various sports and business halls of fame. Ron takes great pride in his dedicated and talented team of employees at Fox 40 and the loyal customers in which Fox 40 partners worldwide.


Ron officiated the 1976 Olympic Gold Medal basketball game and enjoyed a distinguished career in NCAA Division 1, highlighted by officiating Michael Jordan’s first college game and the NCAA Sweet 16. He was named by Referee Magazine as one of the 52 most influential persons in North American Officiating history. In 2016, Ron was awarded with the Prestigious “Gold Whistle Award” by the National Association of Sports Officials, the highest honour a sports official can receive!


Dave Foxcroft
President & C.O.O., Fox 40 International Inc.


Dave has listened to whistles all of his life and been surrounded by those that use them. Being an intricate part of Fox 40’s inception back in 1987, Dave has been involved with Fox 40’s products and its vast customer base. Dave has attended trade shows, visited customers, and built valuable long term relationships with Fox 40’s distributors over the past 30+ years. Dave expresses those relationships as a key component of Fox 40’s success. “Our distributors are more than just customers, they are partners and friends who are a part of our Fox 40 family.”


Dave served as Chairman of the Canadian Sporting Goods Association for many years and was a delegate for the World Federation of Sporting Goods Industry Association and the Sporting Goods Manufacturers Association. If he isn’t at Fox 40’s Worldwide Headquarters, you will find him working as a Professional Football Referee (CFL #30, NFL #167). Dave’s whistle of choice is the New Fox 40 Fuziun CMG. If you can’t see him, you’ll definitely hear his whistle!


Ronnie Foxcroft Jr.
Vice President, Fox 40 International Inc.


As Director of Sales & Business Development, Ronnie is no stranger to the family business. Growing up with Fox 40, Ronnie has done just about every job within the company and developed a knowledge of the company and industries serviced by Fox 40. Ronnie is a graduate of Wilfrid Laurier University where he studied Business and Economics. “I plan on using the knowledge I have acquired to serve you, our customer, to not only meet - but also exceed - your expectations.”


Ronnie is continuing the development of Fox 40’s Growth Market Sales while managing Marketing and Operations, as well as the development of the company’s diverse, innovative product base and strategic acquisitions. Ronnie has become familiar with Fox 40 customers and continues to develop many business relationships. He recognizes it’s our customers who contribute to the growth and success of Fox 40, and is excited to assist them in any way possible. Ronnie also referees basketball in his spare time and enjoys being out on the water, which provides him with hands-on experience using Fox 40’s Outdoor & Marine safety products.


Steve Foxcroft
Fluke Transport / Tri-Foxco USA


Steve has been working in the family business for most of his life, and currently is the Vice President for the Fluke Transport division of the family business, which carries the famous slogan, If It’s On Time... It’s A “FLUKE”®. Steve joined Fox 40 in the early days back in 1987 and expanded the USA division by opening up the distribution office in Niagara Falls, New York (Tri-Foxco USA). Steve ventured into a franchise opportunity in Syracuse, New York before being summoned back to manage operations at Fluke Transportation Group.

As the oldest of Ron’s three sons, Steve recognizes the commitment it takes to work as both a team and a family. Steve is a resource available to our customers, with a passion for the success and growth of Fox 40. Steve is also recognized as a top level basketball official in Canada and works on the Buffalo Bills Chain Crew for NFL games.


J.D. Foxcroft
Director of Sales & Business Development, Fox 40 International Inc.


JD Foxcroft has been with Fox 40 for over 5 years, learning all aspects of the business serving multiple positions within the company. In his new role he takes on innovating and advancing the brand in the age of new technologies, while sustaining our core brand values that have led us to where we are today. “We want to keep true to our goal of providing a unique customer experience, one that delivers high quality products at ultra-competitive prices, and to continue meeting our customers where they shop.” Inheriting a work ethic from those before him, JD is available via email 24/7 for any questions, concerns, or inquires. Don’t feel like emailing? Reach out to us through our various social media platforms to receive a response directly from JD.

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