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Why don't "pea" whistles measure up to Fox 40?
It's because they use centuries-old technology, a pea or a ball vibrating against a drum-like cavity to produce sound.

Whistle technology ­ - from primitive to powerful!
Less powerful sound isn't the only drawback. Things can stick to the pea; ­ moisture, saliva, dirt, water ­ and even ice in winter. It doesn't take much to set the stage for failure ­ - one good blow on the whistle and the pea can jam in the whistle cavity. Even a brand new pea whistle can go totally mute if you blow too hard, as you might in a panic situation. A jam-up means no vibration, no sound, no communication.
The ingeniously-designed Fox 40 whistle doesn't use a pea to generate sound. In fact, there are no moving parts whatsoever. Nothing
to obstruct sound, nothing to stick, freeze or fail. Fox 40's patented design moves the air blast through specifically tuned chambers.


Moisture-proof, hygienic design
The "pea" in most traditional whistles is made of cork, ­ a material that deteriorates in moisture (such as the user's saliva). Fox 40 whistles are 100% constructed of high-impact ABS plastic. So they're 100% impervious to moisture. And there's an easy answer to any concerns about cross-contamination; ­ a quick rinse in disinfectant eliminates bacteria.


The whistle that works in all conditions
Pull a Fox 40 out of the water and its flow-through chambers drain instantly. The whistle is ready to sound immediately without distortion. For marine emergencies, the Fox 40 whistle is an ideal signalling device. It attaches easily to a life-jacket, survival suit or diving equipment. It's also perfect for snowmobiling, wilderness and general outdoor activities.


Simple but sophisticated
The Fox 40 whistle is the multi-purpose signalling device that is small enough to attach to everyday keys, marine or other outdoor gear. It needs no batteries. No fuel. And it's always on duty. No wonder it's used by rescue professionals worldwide!

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