National Association of Sports Officials (NASO)

Early in 1988, the NASO Board of Directors moved to fill a void in the officiating
world. The members recognized the need to salute the achievements of referees
and umpires around the world, but not just for their officiating-career
accomplishments. Instead, NASO decided to reward one official each year
for a long-term commitment to mankind. Thus, the NASO Gold Whistle Award.

The Gold Whistle Award is among the most coveted awards in the world of sports
officiating. The reason is simple: The award recognizes an individual who has
made tremendous contributions to his or her community and has experienced
a successful officiating career.

2019 NASO Gold Whistle Award
Tom Lopes


2019 NASO Sports Officiating Summit - Gold Whistle Award Video

More information about the Gold Whistle Award


U-SPORTS and Fox 40 International Inc. sponsor annual Coach of the Year Awards. Coach of the Year is presented annually at the national championship to the Coach of the Year based on their overall record, leadership, contribution and overall team improvement. 

The Fox 40 Pealess Whistle was invented in 1987 by Ron Foxcroft – the first and only Canadian referee in NCAA basketball, who also officiated at the U SPORTS level – and has become the industry standard across numerous sports. Fox 40 will also provide all coaches

with whistles, clipboards and custom notebooks at all U SPORTS national championships.

2018-2019 Recipients:

Stuart W. Aberdeen Memorial Trophy • Dan Vanhooren, Calgary, Men's Basketball

Peter Ennis Award • Guillaume Giroux, Laval, Women's Basketball

Marina Van Der Merwe Award • Cassius Mendonça, Toronto, Women's Field Hockey

Frank Tindall Trophy • Greg Marshall, Western, Football

Father George Kehoe Memorial Award • Patrick Grandmaître, Ottawa, Men's Ice Hockey

Jim Atkinson Award • Patrick Thompson, Carleton, Women's Rugby

Bob Boucher Award • Dave Scott-Thomas, Guelph, Men's Track & Field

Sue Wise Award • Dave Scott-Thomas, Guelph, Women's Track & Field

Marilyn Pomfret Award • Richard Eddy, Waterloo, Women's Volleyball

Doug Lamont, Calgary, Men's / Women's Cross Country

Dennis Bruce, Memorial, Curling

Howie Draper, Alberta, Women's Ice Hockey

​Deano Morley, Cape Breton, Men's Soccer

Troye Flannery, Calgary, Women's Soccer

Mike Blondal, Calgary, Men's Swimming

Bryon MacDonald, Toronto / Steve Price, UBC - Women's Swimming

Grant Wilson, Brandon, Men's Volleyball

Marty Colder, Brock, Men's Wrestling

Daniel Olver, Saskatchewan, Women's Wrestling


Ontario Football Officials Association (OFOA)

Criteria to be used in nominating an Official for the Fox 40 Ken Green award: Outstanding on-field performance at any provincial level of football, involvement and leadership in training education and certification programs, an active participant with local and provincial football officials associations' executive, a strong commitment to the development of football through officiating, has gained the respect of his fellow officials, minimum of 15 years officiating experience, minimum of 10 years working at local association level and on Executive or Advisory Board and some experience at provincial or national level.

2015 Recipient:

2015 Ken Green Award
Murray Taylor


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