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By: Fox 40 Founder, Ron Foxcroft


In The 40 Ways of the Fox, Ron Foxcroft lights the way for new entrepreneurs and business veterans alike. 

Ron details how he negotiated his way out of high school, enjoyed a 23-year career as a clandestine Canadian referee in the highest reaches of NCAA men's basketball, built a sweeping transport business and created a revolutionary whistle sold in 140 countries.

Among the accompanying Way of the Fox rules...

- How to ask leaders in your industry for advice.

- How to make sure everyone arrives early at your meetings.

- The essential 20 percent of the gross formula he uses at the lifeblood of his business.

- One of the worst phrases a leader will hear: "I'll try." 

Fun to read and easy to implement, The 40 Ways of the Fox is an indispensable tool for people navigating the new entrepreneurial economy and a handbook for young people hoping to fashion a career in business. 

Net proceeds from the sale of this book are being donated to Liberty for Youth and City Kidz, two agencies that do enormous good in our community.
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