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Special Fox 40 whistle named for his father being used by referee in NHL’s return to action

The NHL had never really taken to the iconic, higher-pitched Fox 40 pealess whistle until eight years ago when some of its officials started using a newly re-engineered version — called “The Caul” in honour of longtime officiating giant John McCauley — for their outdoor games because, with no moving parts, it doesn’t retain dirt or moisture so doesn’t freeze up. Not all striped shirts opted to use it, though.

But beginning from the moment players hit the ice in the NHL's return to action this week, every official in the league is using that whistle for every game. That’s likely to continue, outdoors and indoors, beyond the hub-bubble finish to the 2019-20 season.

“It is a pretty neat and humbling experience that not only myself but my all fellow officials are using whistles named after my father,” Wes McCauley told The Spectator. “The whistle sounded great and I’m looking forward to using The Caul in all our future games.”

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Photo courtesy of The Hamilton Spectator

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