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Fox 40 Partnership Takes Aim at Counterfeits

Fox 40 is proud to announce our partnership with Red Points. Red Points has become a leader in brand protection in the digital environment helping numerous companies control their brand in digital marketplaces. Fox 40 is working with Red Points brand protection offices located in New York, Barcelona, Salt Lake City, and Beijing in order to put a halt to the growing number of counterfeit Fox 40 Whistles being sold online through various marketplaces around the world. Fox 40 has successfully built its premium brand based on quality and innovation. Unfortunately, that success attracts a growing number of counterfeiters who offer fake Fox 40 products. They often illegally use the Fox 40 name, logo, trademark or image in an attempt to mislead the consumer into thinking they are purchasing authentic Fox 40 Products. As a loyal Fox 40 customer, you deserve peace of mind knowing you are always getting an authentic product on every purchase. When you are purchasing a Fox 40 product, you are investing in our brand. With this partnership we aim to protect that investment and take control of the Fox 40 name with the help of Red Points services.

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