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All About The Fox 40 Marine Rope

The bright yellow Fox 40 Marine Rope is premium quality rope that is used in all the following products: the rope and float, water safety rope, water safety throw, classic boat safety kit, deluxe boating kit and the paddlers safety pack.

What The Rope Is Made Out Of

This particular marine rope is made out of extra-fine polypropylene filaments that are woven into a high-density double braid. This makes it softer and easier to handle than the typical coarsely-braided rope.

Why Double Braid Rope Is Ideal For Marine Use

A double braid rope is very commonly seen in marine settings because it has a great strength to weight ratio. This is because these types of ropes have a braided core encased in a braided cover which are specifically designed to bear equal load. In addition, these ropes offer very good abrasion resistance and float while in the water.

Rope Strength

This rope has been lab tested to have a 900 lb(408 kg) breaking strength.

Other Fox 40 Ropes

The only other rope that Fox 40 uses in its marine kits is a more basic braided rope with a 700 lb(318 kg) breaking strength that can be found in the boat essentials kit and anchor kit.


Often times ropes can be left in a heap on the floor of a watercraft or shed which is not ideal for storing or using the rope. Instead, the rope should be kept in a coil or wrap, should not be left on the ground or floor and should be stored in a place where it can be used quickly and without tangles.

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