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40 Ways To Use Your Fox 40 Whistle

Updated: Oct 6, 2020

Fox 40 is fascinated with the numerous ways that individuals use the Fox 40 Whistle. We’ve outlined 40 different ways:

  1. Referees and Officials Fox 40 whistles are used by referees and officials in many professional sports organizations worldwide. In fact, the Fox 40 whistle was first created by a NCAA Basketball Referee (Ron Foxcroft, Founder and C.E.O. of Fox 40 International Inc.).

  2. Police Officers Whistles are used by officers when directing traffic. Some police officers also use whistles to direct attention from other officers after a foot pursuit as it is easy to lose track of their location in these circumstances.

  3. Lifeguards A lifeguard’s whistle must be heard above the crowd. Lifeguard whistles can help save lives and prevent injury.

  4. Firefighters Whistles are used as a communication and signaling device outside of the fire.

  5. Runners Whistles can be used as a personal security tool to ensure safety when running. They can scare away perpetrators or animals.

  6. Water Safety Fox 40 whistles have a pealess design, with no moving parts, allowing them to self-clear when submerged in water. In an emergency, a whistle will allow an individual to attract attention and increase their chances of surviving in the water.

  7. Camping Whistles can be used as a personal safety tool while camping.

  8. Coaches Coaches of many sports use Fox 40 whistles for training and practices.

  9. Marinas Marinas use whistles as a sound signaling device.

  10. Personal Security A whistle is used to help aid in deterring or preventing crime. It can be used to frighten away someone who means you harm or to alert those nearby to call the police.

  11. Coast Guards Coast guards use whistles as a sound signaling device. Fox 40 whistles are used and approved by the Canadian and the United States Coast Guards.

  12. Crossing Guards Crossing guards use their whistle to signal that it is safe to cross the street.

  13. Construction sites On construction sites, whistles are used to give signals to workers.

  14. Search & Rescue Efforts Fox 40 whistles have been used in search and rescue efforts all over the world.

  15. Community Organizations Community centers use whistles during various events.

  16. Animal Training Fox 40 whistles have been used for dog, bird, dolphin and other animal training.

  17. Hospital Workers Hospital workers carry a whistle for safety and security reasons.

  18. Bomb Disposal Whistles have been used in bomb disposals to signify that an area has been cleared of a bomb.

  19. Fishing Fishermen carry a whistle as a safety and signaling device.

  20. Scuba Diving Fox 40 Pealess Whistle helps scuba divers remain safe and secure while exploring the depths of the sea or the ocean. For scuba divers, Fox 40 Pealess Safety Whistles can be useful in alerting their boating or diving companions if something unforeseen happens in the sea.

  21. Mining Safety Whistles are used to give signals to workers.  

  22. Hikers Whistles can be used as a personal security tool to ensure safety when hiking. They can scare away perpetrators or animals.

  23. Raceway and Motor Sport Tracks Whistles are used for signaling on raceway and motor sport tracks.

  24. Security Guards Security guards carry a whistle as one of their tools.  

  25. Tour Guides Tour guides use the whistle as a signaling device and to get the tour group’s attention.  

  26. Marching Bands There are many different ways to get messages to a marching band - most groups have a drum major who leads the band on the field or on the street. Sometimes all commands are whistle commands or they may use a combination of voice commands, whistle commands and drum commands.

  27. Ski Patrol Ski Patrols use Fox 40 whistles for signaling and in emergencies. 

  28. Hunting Hunters of all kinds use Fox 40 Pealess Whistles for training their dogs, and then when they're out hunting. They also use them to communicate with fellow hunters.

  29. Traffic Control Whistles are used for guiding and signaling for traffic control.  

  30. Military The military uses whistles in different ways including for ceremonial purposes and calling attention to announcements.

  31. Cyclists Whistles can be used as a personal security tool to ensure safety when riding bikes. They can scare away perpetrators or animals.

  32. Water Parks Water Parks use the whistle as a water safety and signaling tool.

  33. Disaster Preparedness Fox 40 whistles should be carried to ensure that when catastrophic and deadly weather, earthquakes, tsunamis or other disaster occur that victims can attract attention through a distinctive and loud sound.

  34. Youth Programs/Camps Camps and Youth programs use whistles to call attention and signal to youth/camp goers.

  35. Boat Safety Whistles can be used as a sound signaling device while boating. Whistles provide the best chance of being heard in an emergency.

  36. Corporate Promotions Some corporations use whistles as a promotional or give away marketing item.  Fox 40 whistles can be customized by being imprinted with a company logo.

  37. Cancer Awareness For example, the Fox 40 pink whistle has been used for breast cancer awareness programs.

  38. Teachers Teachers use a Fox 40 whistle for gym class and after school programs.

  39. In Space Clayton C Anderson, Expedition 15 Flight Engineer and Science officer, took a Fox 40 whistle on the Space Shuttle Atlantis to the International Space Station ( June 8th 2007 to November 7th 2007).

  40. How do you use your Fox 40 whistle?

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