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Mickey Mouse gives the Fox 40 Whistle a Thumbs Up!


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DISNEYLAND, CALIFORNIA (December 1, 1993) — In the December 1993 issue of PROFIT MAGAZINE, Mickey Mouse blows a Fox 40 Whistle into the ear of creator Ron Foxcroft and gives it a thumbs up.

In the section titled "The Best Advice I Ever Got", Foxcroft is interviewed as one of Canada's most successful entrepreneurs to reveal his most meaningful business lessons. "Walt Disney is one of my idols," says Foxcroft.  Like Disney, Foxcroft is a creator and an inventor. The Fox 40 Whistle has been scientifically measured at 115 decibels. Its penetrating sound enables it to cut through obstructive - ambient noise more efficiently than traditional whistles. The Fox 40's high pitched - piercing "trill" has been heard well over a mile away.

After surfacing from under water, the Fox 40 Whistle's flow-through design allows it to clear its chambers instantly, enabling it to sound immediately and without distortion. As an emergency sound signaling device, this makes the Fox 40 ideal as an attachment for life jackets, survival suits, diving equipment, as well as for high risk watercraft, snowmobiles, wilderness activities and general outdoor equipment. The Fox 40 is a multi-purpose signaling device that is small enough to attach to everyday keys, lifejackets or personal gear.

For more information, contact:

Dave Foxcroft
Fox 40 International Inc.
340 Grays Road
Hamilton, Ontario, Canada L8E 2Z2
Phone: 905-561-4040
Fax: 905-578-5646


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