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"Sound" Advice for Summer


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HAMILTON, ONTARIO (April 28, 1998) — Whistles save lives.

Summer sports and outdoor activities can be dangerous, even fatal. Carry a Fox 40 Pealess Whistle to call for help in an emergency, or to avoid serious accidents entirely.

The Canadian Coast Guard requires boaters to use sound signaling devices (Canadian Coast Guard – Small Vessel Regulations) and features a Fox 40 Whistle as part of the necessary navigation equipment on the Canadian Coast Guard's website. Both the Canadian and U.S. Coast Guard organizations purchase Fox 40 fail-safe whistles for their pealess design and potent, omnidirectional sound.

Whistles can help save lives on land too. In fact, Ontario's Provincial Highway Traffic Act requires that motorized vehicles and bicycles alike are equipped with a sound device, to be used, "...whenever it is reasonably necessary to notify pedestrians or others of its approach." (H.T.A., Section 75-5).

Fox 40 whistles are a necessary tool for search and rescue units. Fire departments and police departments use Fox 40 whistles. Shouldn't you rely on the same whistles the professionals count on?

It might save your life, or the life of someone you love.

For more information, contact:

Dave Foxcroft
Fox 40 International Inc.
340 Grays Road
Hamilton, Ontario, Canada L8E 2Z2
Phone: 905-561-4040
Fax: 905-578-5646


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