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Newest Fox 40 Whistle Ready for the Fiesta Bowl


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HAMILTON, ONTARIO (December 29, 1998) — How does a "rookie" rate a trip to the Fiesta Bowl?

In the case of Fox 40's newest addition, the C.M.G. Classic Whistle, it struck a cord with Head Referee Bill Richardson of California. When Richardson and his crew of officials take the field for the Fiesta Bowl, they'll be using the newest Fox 40 whistle.

After testing the newly introduced Fox 40 Classic whistle with Cushioned Mouth Grip (C.M.G.), Richardson contacted Fox 40 founder Ron Foxcroft directly to thank him for the new choice among Fox 40 Classic whistles.

"Nothing could be better than having a guy like Bill Richardson call to tell me how much he likes the new C.M.G. Classic. I was over the moon when Bill said they'd be using the C.M.G. Classic in the Fiesta Bowl," said Foxcroft.

The Cushioned Mouth Grip is a soft rubberized surface on the mouthpiece of the whistle, making the whistle easier and more comfortable to hold in the mouth. The C.M.G. Classic completely eliminates the practice of some officials wrapping tape around the mouthpiece of their whistles, which can be cumbersome an unsanitary.

Foxcroft explains, "To the average person, a whistle's comfort may not seem revolutionary. But for a referee who spends hours at a time with a whistle in their mouth, comfort matters."

The Fiesta Bowl take place on January 4, 1999 at Tempe Arizona when the N.C.A.A. championship will be decided between top place Tenessee and Florida State, second in the rankings. The game, and the Fox 40 C.M.G. Classic whistle, can be seen and heard on ABC at 8pm EST.

For more information, contact:

Ron Foxcroft
Fox 40 International Inc.
340 Grays Road
Hamilton, Ontario, Canada L8E 2Z2
Phone: 905-561-4040
Fax: 905-578-5646


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