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The World Lacrosse Championships and Fox 40!


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HAMILTON, ONTARIO (June 21, 2002) — As the referees of the World Cup of Soccer are putting away their Fox 40 whistles at the end of June, the World Lacrosse Officials will be just warming theirs up. That's because the Fox 40 whistle continues to exhibit its dominance on the world stage of championship sports as the most trusted tool available to an official. 

Set in the beautiful city of Perth, Western Australia, the World Lacrosse Championships will run from July 5-14th. Fifteen nations and over 1800 players will partake in 10 separate tournaments with respect to player age and level of play, including the ILF World Lacrosse Championship. With lacrosse being such a fast-paced and aggressive sport, it is vital that the match officials be able to maintain order and fair play on the field. That's why Chief Referee for the tournaments, Lindsay Scott, has stated to Bill Norwood of Sports Line (Australia) that the Australian and International Referees as well as Bench Officials will use only Fox 40 whistles for these lacrosse tournaments.

What Fox 40 model will be the final choice? Well thats been left up to the individual referees. Depending on personal preference and the acoustic environment at each game, the officials will have their choice of the Fox 40 Force (a metal pea-style whistle designed in accordance with the strict standards of the National Hockey League (NHL) of North America) or the Fox 40 Pearl, one of the original pealess style whistles that are patented worldwide by Fox 40 International. Whatever the final choice, the officials can be sure their calls on the field won't go unnoticed by the players or fans.

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