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Fox 40 wins coveted Mel Naro Medallion Award


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WASHINGTON, DC (August 9, 2004) — Fox 40 International of Hamilton, Ontario has been awarded the prestigious 2004 Mel Narol Medallion Award at the National Association of Sports Officials (NASO) Sports Officiating Summit in Washington, DC.

In presenting the award, NASO praised Fox 40 for its ongoing support of the organization which represents 18,000 sports officials saying, "Throughout the years, Fox 40 International has been the one industry partner ready to 'step to the plate', in supporting the organization."

Ron Foxcroft, Fox 40 Founder & Chairman was recognized for his "insightful management skills that have assisted the organization throughout the years in areas such as sponsorship, management negotiations and foundation development."

"Lastly, Fox 40's continued commitment to provide quality products for the officiating market make it a leader in the industry," the association added. "The development of the Fox 40 whistle is still a production marvel that impacted the profession significantly."

"I always remember my 35 years as a sports official with great affection," said Fox 40 Founder & Chairman Ron Foxcroft. "To win this coveted award and to be recognized and honoured by my peers is most gratifying; not just for me, but the entire Fox 40 family," the longtime Burlington, Ontario resident added.

Ron is a former (and only Canadian) member of the NASO Board of Directors. He still serves as a special advisor and continues to be a member of the NASO Foundation Board of Trustees.

The Mel Narol Medallian Award was created by NASO in 2000 to recognize individuals or organizations that have made significant contributions to the betterment of sports officials and the officiating profession.

Fox 40 International was instrumental in sponsoring the NASO Gold Whistle Award in 1988. Still sponsored by Fox 40, the Gold Whistle Award honours members of the international officiating profession not just for their work, but their long-term commitment to mankind. The 2004 winner is retired NFL Referee Bob McElwee of New Jersey.

For more information, contact:

Juliana Child
Fox 40 International Inc.
340 Grays Road
Hamilton, Ontario, Canada L8E 2Z2
Phone: 905-561-4040 x336
Fax: 905-578-5646


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