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Fox 40 Launches Sonik Blast & Sonik Blast CMG Pealess Whistles - Taking Decibels & Ease-Of-Use To New Levels


For Immediate Release

STONEY CREEK, ONTARIO (June 22, 2009) — Fox 40 is launching two new whistle innovations for both team sports and safety use: the SONIK BLAST and SONIK BLAST CMG (Cushioned Mouth Grip) pealess whistles. To date, the Sonik Blast and Sonik Blast CMG are the most efficient, loudest whistles ever produced by Fox 40 – innovators of the pealess whistle technology. Both models are extremely easy to blow, cannot be overblown and emit a sound power of +120dB. This clear loud blast carries over extreme long distances and noise. The 4 sound-producing resonators built into the 2-chamber design achieve the efficiency and decibel level. The Sonik Blast CMG provides additional comfort for holding the whistle in the mouth.

The new Fox 40 Sonik Blast whistle was recently heard during a CFL football game - the first time the whistle was used at any event in Canada. Football fans heard the distinct louder pitched whistle. According to Dave Foxcroft, Executive VP & COO at Fox 40 International and CFL Official, "The Fox 40 Sonik Blast is easy to blow. It provides a lot louder sound without much effort at all. It was easily heard over the crowd."

Colors available:
Sonik Blast - black only.
Sonik Blast CMG - black, red, yellow, orange, pink, blue, green, white, purple, silver, gold, neon.

The whistles have a suggested retail price of $9.99.

About Fox 40 International: Company founder Ron Foxcroft invented the world famous Fox 40 Whistle and the first time it was blown at the Pan American Games it set a new tone for all referees. Fox 40 Whistles can be heard in arenas, stadiums and gymnasiums in more than 130 countries. Fox 40 has now developed a wide range of Fox 40 whistles for rescue workers, lifeguards, school crossing guards, boaters and for individual safety use, as well as whistle attachments, a full line of Pro Coaching Boards, Mouthguards and an expanding Marine Safety product division.

For information about the Sonik Blast and Sonik Blast CMG, please contact:

Dave Foxcroft
Fox 40 International Inc.
340 Grays Road
Hamilton, Ontario, Canada L8E 2Z2
Phone: 905-561-4040
Fax: 905-578-5646


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