Artwork Specifications


MacMerc.TV - Pixels vs. Vectors
Rick Yaeger explains why vector artwork is better!

Proofs are supplied via e-mail in PDF format. If requested, we can fax a proof of your artwork for approval before processing. Please specify on your order.

Maximum Imprint Area
Whistles - 5/8" (16 mm) diameter
Coaching Boards - 4-3/4" (120 mm) diameter

Over/Under Runs
Plus or minus 5% shall constitute fulfillment of an order.

Acceptable Formats (Mac or PC):
- Adobe Illustrator CS5 or lower (.EPS or .AI)
- PDF (generated from Adobe InDesign or Illustrator)
- CorelDraw (exported as .EPS or .AI)
- Adobe Photoshop CS5 or lower (.EPS or .TIF or .JPG @ 300 dpi) - only for single color artwork
- 4 colour process jobs (Domes) must be CMYK

Acceptable Format Details (also referred to as "Vector" artwork)
- Illustrator (EPS / AI) or CorelDraw (CDR / EPS / AI)
- PDF (generated from Adobe InDesign or Illustrator)
- illustrations, line-art or solid colour artwork
- much easier to edit, modify and colour-separate
- images have to be actually created in this software, not "placed"
- independent resolution - image can be blown up or reduced as much as you want without any resolution being affected
- smooth curves, small file size

Unacceptable Formats (Mac or PC):
- QuarkXPress, Adobe InDesign, Pagemaker or any other desktop publishing generated files
- JPG, GIF or any other web generated files
- Microsoft Word, Powerpoint or Excel
- BMP or PCX
- RGB colors

Unacceptable Format Details (also referred to as "Raster" or "Pixel" artwork)
- Photoshop (ie. TIF / JPG / BMP / PNG)
- continuous tone images, such as photographs or screen-based artwork
- very difficult to modify if needing to create one-colour artwork with no shadows, screens, etc.
- fixed resolution - pixel-based (like a grid) - when image is enlarged, the pixels become bigger and distorted; when image is reduced very small, the colours often blend and/or fill in
- tend to be large filesize

Artwork Re-creation
Fox 40 offers the service of re-creating your logo into vector format to make it suitable for printing. We will provide you with a final vector logo in digital format for future use. Fees apply for this service - please contact your Fox 40 Customer Service Representative for more information.

General File Information
- all text should be converted to paths, curves, or outlines
- please compress all files in zip or stuffit archive
- do not save artwork at a lower resolution to create a smaller file - once a file is saved in low-resolution format, we cannot do anything to change the artwork to a higher resolution
- artwork should be supplied in digital format and e-mailed to your Fox 40 Customer Service Representative with your job information
- to ensure receipt, please fax or email a purchase order and copy of your artwork

Spot Color Imprinting
- use Pantone colors only; do not use process colors
- please make sure that the color information, such as Pantone numbers, is clearly indicated in the file or on a supplied hard copy
- see Acceptable Formats above for optimum file format submission

Dome Imprints
- artwork can be supplied in spot or process color
- see Acceptable Formats above for optimum file format submission

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