Play, Live, Be Tobacco-Free Program


The Play, Live, Be Tobacco-Free program is a movement that promotes that everyone taking part in a sport or recreational activity does not use tobacco industry products. This means that participants, parents, coaches, spectators and leaders do not smoke, snuff, dip, or chew tobacco while engaged in sport and recreation.

About the Program

Play, Live, Be Tobacco-Free is an Ontario-based movement that promotes tobacco-free activity in sport and recreation. The movement is a collaboration of public health, sport and non-profit organizations that support local, regional and provincial decision-makers in developing tobacco-free policies. Tobacco-free policies establish safe, healthy spaces for participants, coaches, parents, leaders, spectators and officials and protect against the negative effects of tobacco product use and exposure.

Why it's important:

  • Prevents youth from starting to use tobacco industry products
  • Gives everyone a chance to perform at their best
  • Protects the environment
  • Protects against second-hand smoke
  • Helps smokers quit
  • Creates a tobacco-free culture

For more information on the Play, Live, Be Tobacco-Free program, please email or visit

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