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We are amazed with how many people love sharing their stories and photos with us and we love receiving them! What is your Fox 40 story or photo? Follow us on social media, or submit your story or photo to for your chance to be featured. If chosen, your story or photo will be shared on our Fox 40 website, social media, or marketing materials! 

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Ben is a 10 year old boy with Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA) from Ontario. He likes to participate and be on the field! Last year, Ben was a Field Referee for his brother's soccer games. He used a Fox 40 whistle, blowing it when the ball went out of bounds.
Ontario, Canada

We are using the EcoBlast Sport Rechargeable Air Horn on our Bow Rider as the horns on the boat do not always work. This way we are sure we are being safe.
Carleton Place, Ontario, Canada

We find our whistles all over the world. Teddy is an Engineer on a coal mining boat in Indonesia and wears a Fox 40 Classic!
Teddy, Coal mining Engineer, Indonesia

I have been using your products for 15 years. On the windiest days no matter what your whistle gets the crowd’s attention and we can control the people.
Captain Mario, Atlantic City Beach Patrol, USA

Last night, me and a friend got lost in Panthertown Valley. We wound up on a game trail that led us to nowhere, and bushwhacked 4 miles before calling in for help. We could have spent the time screaming, losing our voices, and expending valuable energy. Instead, we got to use the whistle to signal for help. When rescue crews got into shouting distance, I started blowing away. They were able to locate us, and get us out in one piece. Great job on the manufacturing of these whistles, they are truly a lifesaver. While my case wasn't a matter of life and death, it's good to know that your product does what you claim: WORK. The Fox 40 Micro has a permanent spot in all of my packs, for all of my adventures.
Andrew Sterner, North Carolina, USA

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